About me

Yannis Larios
I am located in Athens, Greece and I pursue photography as a passion!
Pro Photography with the excitement of an amateur!

I am an Electrical & Computer Engineer, PhD
and a pro- Travel and Wedding photographer in Greece.

If you are curious to know whether I am a "Pro" or an "Amateur" photographer, please put me under the "Amateur" label... But not because I don't have sales or because I don't shoot weddings! ... I assure you I do! See my Greece Wedding Photography portfolio for a proof!

I select to be labeled this way, for an "amateur" is not about the lack of skills or experience. An "amateur" is about the passion that you carry like the first day you shot with a camera!

My Photography Style

Whether it's about landscapes, travel, weddings or portraits, I am keen on exploiting pure natural light.
I meticulously study its characteristics and I am patient enough to wait for its most glorious act!

Where to find me

I exhibit my travel photography here at http://www.larios.gr
Find my Wedding photography and my services as a Destination Wedding photographer in Greece at http://www.yannislarios.com

I also keep a blog entitled "LightScript" that follows my ventures and struggles with photography.

If you would like to use commercially any of my photos,
or if you wish to know more about my photography work or services,
please send me an e-mail at Yannis Larios Photography.