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There are pictures and there are stories happening behind them!
Find out what I was thinking and how I shot some of my photos... Click on the titles to read the full text...

19 February 2010 - Stories behind photos (#10): A feast of the eyes, preserved

We had just completed our magnificent dinner at the village of Oia (Santorini)
with my wife, Nancy. We had selected a cozy restaurant overlooking Oia
and we enjoyed the perfect temperature for some great dishes on a wide balcony!
It was a warm early-June evening, so tourists where long gone to their cruise ships,
letting us enjoy the real-atmosphere of the island...
While we were walking back, we suddenly experienced this rare moment: a full moon just entering the scene...


26 June 2009 - Stories behind photos (#9): A lonely photo, it was not!

Judging from the final result of this photo shot at picturesque Burano (Venice),
you would imagine that all the time of the world was at my disposal to make this picture of utmost calmness.
It is almost obvious that the absence of any distractions whatsoever,
was reflected at my eyesight and then to the quiet moment that I chose to capture.
I could have leisurely taken my spot, delving concentrated into another moment of loneliness
that contributes to deep thoughts, and then to photos.
But -as known- reality is harsh, for this photo was the result of...


24 Apr 2009 - Stories behind photos (#8): Questions unasked and unanswered

There exist those weird moments in life when pictures of the past,
flash upon you and brutally drag you to younger ages!

A split-hair second becomes a time-machine, triggered by a smell,
a reminiscent glimpse, a familiar face of a stranger.
A typically indifferent moment, instead of passing by to its road to oblivion,
decides to stay and play with you, your memories or your long-forgotten thoughts...


16 Feb 2009 - Stories behind photos (#7): Meteora - When only photography captures the true feeling

Meteora is a unique phenomenon in the world…
Unless you have visited it, you cannot imagine the awe and the contradicting feelings evoked by just being there.
Contradicting because for one it’s the huge rocks and cavities that have been shaped in peculiar forms through thousands of years. A true feeling of smallness, in front of these titanic elements of nature.
But also contradicting, because on-top of these rocks religious men built inaccessible monasteries. A strange feeling of greatness for mankind that conquers any peak.
Such are the antithetical feelings evoked by this place, which is sculptured equally by the fierceness of time and the power of faith. Nevertheless, access to this place is...


3 Feb 2009 - Stories behind photos (#6): "Faith"

I found this small chapel and entered. No people were inside.
There were just two nuns, hidden behind a wooden barrier and unseen.
Two nuns, one playing the church organ and one singing a chant with a glorious voice, praying alone inside.
You could not see them but they were there, singing gloriously.
They had no audience, but they put their best for their faith. I stayed there for about 20 mins in awe, waiting to see any of them behind the barrier....


24 Oct 2008 - Stories behind photos (#5): A thank-you to unknown Actors that enliven my “stages”

I think I owe a “thank-you” note, to all unknown Actors that enliven my photography “stages”.
Like this lady, in my photo!

I have been walking around in Paroikia, Paros at the golden hour,
when I reached this vista point overlooking the sea, camera always on shoulder.
I had the priviledge of...


23 May 2008 - Stories behind photos (#4): Kaminia Harbor, Hydra

I had hoped that the photography magazines that I am subscribing to,
would enrich my photography knowledge beyond the aperture and shutter techniques
and beyond Photoshop post-processing. And I am glad they do!
You see, I am always seeking those articles which do not just stand at the brink of my camera’s manual
or at the edge of Photoshop’s menus. Articles about learning how to chase light certainly do deserve my attention.
And when I was in Hydra island, Greece a couple of years ago,
it happened that I was reading one of these, on how to anticipate light when the clouds clear, usually at the afternoons...


15 May 2008 - Stories behind photos (#3): Santorini Wedding couple

This specific photo has admittedly created a lot of misunderstandings in my Santorini photos portfolio!
You see, Santorini is a great wedding destination.
Thousands of marriages are carried out every year at the hundreds of its small churches and chappels.
Specialised wedding services provide everything but the bride (…. or the groom accordingly!)
and help people experience what is probably a wedding at the most exquisite place!

So…. how could I possibly explain that this shot is not a staged one, but rather a spontaneous glimpse...


16 Apr 2008 - Stories behind photos (#2): Works of Man vs Nature

It was a typical stride along an empty seaside, with my good friends. Chatting… strolling… relaxing.
This was not a “fabulous” beach. No magazine had ever written anything extraordinary about it…
There was no obvious beauty there. Quite the contrary! And it was winter.
Probably not what you have come to know about Greece. Certainly not a “Greece of your myth”!

We were walking slowly along the pebbles.
And the typical carelessness struck upon us again: An abandoned Volkswagen small truck...


27 Mar 2008 - Stories behind photos (#1): Oia, Santorini

Oia’s sunsets are nowadays a tourist attraction, gathering thousands of tourists every evening.
I ascended a high-vista point where I could have a good view, early in advance and before the sun set.
Thousands of tourists were around me. All with their cameras, P&S, DSLRs, long “L” lenses…whatever, you name it!
They were shooting ferociously at the sunset…
Bursts of photos, thousands of merciless clicks towards the sun…
No point! The high contrast was killing their scene.
I could see them… Instead of enjoying the moment...