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The Armata tradition, led me to a weekend at Spetses island.
Spetses carries significant weight in modern Greek history,
and some of my Spetses photos demonstrate its beauty and majestic past.

It was almost like a trip back in time! Find my Spetses photos at my portfolio.
To feel some of the atmosphere of Spetses, you are also invited
to download and watch the relaxing Spetses photo slideshow.



I took the time to update the "Featured" Section of my website,
with new publications and magazines that featured my photography work !



Summer 2009 found me in Symi island, which is part of the Dodecanese islands complex.
When you are entering the harbor of Symi island you really stand in awe!
Any Symi view is magnificent, and to make a difference you have to treat every corner with utmost care!
I elected to search (and find!) new views and high vistas, to depict Symi's beauty.

Find the result at my Symi photos, now enriching my portfolio.
To feel the atmosphere of Simi, you are also invited to download and watch the relaxing Symi photo slideshow.
Liked it? Any critique? Post me your critique at the photo guestbook!



I enriched my Greece photos portfolio with some of my Evia photos.
Evia island is the second largest island of Greece and undoubtably has great landscape diversity.
However, there exist some elements of striking beauty that are hidden away, like treasures seeking to be unearthed.
This is an Evoia worth exploring that I am presenting!



My Interiors photo gallery is online.
It's a rather new but extremely pleasing photographic genre for me!
I would really appreciate any of your comments to my Interiors photos!



After almost 10 visits to Nafplio, the former Capital of Greece,
I thought I should be trying to depict it photographically.
Nafplio has a unique problem!
It has an obvious beauty, thrown before your very eyes, without any distractions whatsoever.
Nafplio photos are found by the thousands, all so beautiful!
So what could I possibly add?

I elected to depict Nafplio's double character:
A picturesque town, but also a place with remnants of its glorious past everywhere...

See the result for yourself at my Nafplio photos,
now enriching my portfolio.
To feel the mood of Nafplio, you are also invited to download and watch the relaxing Nafplio photo slideshow.
Liked it? Any critique? Post me a comment at the guestbook!



My Syros island coffee-table photobook is now published.
It includes 55 of my photos from this majestic island...
You can freely browse it online, by clicking here...



After so much time, I finally visited Meteora, for a spiritual encounter!
Meteora, is a unique phenomenon in the world...
Did I manage to convey even a bit of its spirituality?
Find for yourself at my Meteora photo gallery, now enriching my photography portfolio.
For a relaxing optical sample of my Meteora photos, you are also invited to download and watch the relaxing Meteora Slideshow.
If you liked my photo work, post me a comment at the guestbook! Kind regards...



During the summer of 2008, I discovered Syros island, a true jewel.
A spiritual, glorious and beautiful place in the Aegean.
My Syros photo gallery is now in my photography portfolio.
For a relaxing optical sample of my Syros photos, you are also invited to download and watch the relaxing Syros island Slideshow.



A new fabulous photobook entitled "Santorini - 70 hours, 70 glimpses"
is at the bookshelf and can become yours...
Browse it fully online by clicking here



UK's fastest growing "Digital Photographer" magazine,
featured my Travel Photography portfolio at issue 70 (June 2008),
while at issue 72 (August 2008) interviewed me on how I shot my Venice photo portfolio.
Both features are now online at the "Featured" Section of my site...



The option to purchase high quality photo prints and frame them, is actived.
You can now order the photos you liked and have them framed online according to your own taste, by clicking here ...



A new photo gallery from Evros area, Greece has been uploaded.
The scenics reminded me very much of Tuscany...



A new Section entitled In Print was setup
to showcase the photos that found their way in Print, at Websites or elsewhere...



After 3 months of photographic inactivity, I uploaded a new slideshow
to showcase previously shot photos. It is entitled "Ode to fleeting moments..."
Download it and think!



In November 2007 I went to Venice, invited as a speaker at a Conference.
Whenever free, I tried to convey this exquisite place through my own lens.
My Venice photo gallery has now been included in my photography portfolio.
The suggested way of seeing most of the numerous Venice photos is by downloading and watching the relaxing Venice Slideshow.

I also made some photo additions to the Tranquility gallery. Enjoy!



I had the chance to visit Lisbon, Portugal during a two-day Conference in November 2007.
I knew from the beginning that this was not the typical tourist destination.
The city was not about buildings or touristic sightseeing...
It was about its soul, its songs and its people.
My Lisbon photo gallery has now been included in my photography portfolio.
I also created a relaxing Lisbon Slideshow, which tries to convey the true character of the city.



I visited Paros island, Greece in July 2007, hoping to capture some "different" views.
My Paros photo gallery has been included in my photography portfolio.
A relaxing Paros Slideshow is also now demonstrating my views of the island.



My new photography Shop has opened its doors!
This is the place to make my photography work yours, through photobooks and framed pictures.
The first photobook on the shelves is "Paros - Beyond crowded eyes".



On March 2007 I visited Vienna, Austria and had some interesting photo opportunities, especially during my evening walks.
It was not until now that I managed to include Vienna in my galleries.
As always, you are welcome to browse them and enjoy this fabulous city...!



The Slideshow section has been setup, combining photos with music.
Please check it for a more vivid presentation of my photography work



We had a 4-day trip to Santorini island in June. One of the most photogenic places in the world.
I included some Santorini photos in my galleries.
You are welcome to comment on them!



I setup a new blog entitled "LightScript" to reflect my photographic ventures.
Please visit and post your comments!



I had a walk around Plaka and the "Anafiotika" neighbourhood today.
A new Anafiotika gallery has been included in the section about Greece.



My new photography website at larios.gr is up and running